About Me

I’m Hannah and I have a weakness for blowing raspberries on the tummies of ferrets, general ferret smooching and the occasional furtive sniff of a wonderfully wiffy hob.

I have five ‘forever-home’ ferrets:

My beautifully fluffy and ‘soft as clarts’ Hooligan ‘Hooley’; an Angora Cinnamon, brought originally by an acquaintance, to start a new line for her ferret breeding business. Not long after however he was diagnose with a heart condition resulting in daily medication*. Breeding now being off the cards she was looking for a ‘soft-touch’ to give him a good home. Yes folks. That sucker was me and how very glad I am that it was!! Hooligan came to stay for a weeks’ holiday in the summer of 2014 and never left…


Ferret Maths: (l-r) Hooley, Chili & Pepper

After that there was no going back and in February 2015 I adopted another two rescue ferrets from the wonderful UK based North East Ferret Rescue (NEFR). These teenage albino brothers are named Chili and Pepper which seemed apt given I’m a massive fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. When I first met them (the ferrets not the RHCP!) they both had beautiful thick almost-apricot coats but now winter has been and gone, their pelts are changing as they lose their built-in Great Coats ready for the summer String-Vest season.

Our NEFR Facebook community is wonderfully supportive and people were continually asking how I was getting on with my two new additions, how they were settling and how Hooley and the girls (more on these beauties later) were getting on. I began by posting updates written as myself but soon realised I was more able to make the posts funny and quirky by using the voices of the two incomers. Given albino hobs are known to be utter loons, especially when they are in their ‘teenage’ years it gave me other voices and view points. Eventually this has become mainly Pepper’s posts as his voice was clearly stronger (and his spelling slightly better).

So. I give you Pepper’s Tail: The Fate of the Dead Mole and other Ferret Poo…

*I have been on the look out for an older man with a dicky ticker, but this wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind…